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Apariție editorială: Philobiblon, vol. XVIII, no. 2, July - December 2013

A apărut numărul vol. XVIII, no. 2, July - December 2013 din revista Philobiblon, în care sunt și câteva articole de istorie recentă. Pentru cei interesați redau mai jos cuprinsul revistei.

Studii si articole originale
Zeno GOZO- The Modern Man between Existence and Possession
Mihai Stelian RUSU - History and Collective Memory: the Succeeding Incarnations of an Evolving Relationship
Alina ŢIŢEI - Caudillismo: Identity Landmark of Hispanic American Authoritarian Political Culture
Raluca-Simona DEAC - Representations of Identity, Self, and Otherness in the Romanian Memoirs of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913)
Cosmina-Maria BERINDEI - Discursive Strategies of Traditional Mining Memory In Two Villages of The Apuseni Mountains
Angelica PUŞCAŞ - Censorship and Self-Censorship In the Traditional Romanian Village Preliminary Aspects
– An anthropological addendum to the interpretation of censorship –
Réka KASSAY - Balkán Herald - The Online Book of Complaints of Hungarians from Romania
Maria ROTH, Florina POP, Sergiu RAIU - Vulnerabilities Built in the Identities and Future Orientation of Roma Children and Youth
Enikő VINCZE - Urban Landfill, Economic Restructuringn and Environmental Racism
Lorin NICULAE - Arhipera and the Ethics of Social Architecture
Dana POP - Aspects of Identity in Contemporary Architectural Space
Cristian RADU - The Temptation of Absolute Knowledge Vintilă Horia and the Modern European Novel
Rodica FRENTIU - The Intuition of the Real and the Aesthetics of Silence in Japanese Haiku
Irina-Ana DROBOT - Imagining Stories about Other Characters in Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift: The Role of Imagination in Creating Fiction
István M. FEHÉR - “Love of Words” – “Love of Wisdom” Philology and Philosophy from a Hermeneutical Perspective
Amália SOÓS- About The Way We Should – Reconsidering Our Energy Sources
Adriana TEODORESCU - Cultural Benefits of Death.A Review of Irina Petraş’ Book Death upon the Bearer
Lajos BALÁZS - The Devil’s Chum Thoughts on the Book by Gyula Vadas and Albert Veress
István KIRÁLY V - The Eternal and … Non-Eternal Woman
Adriana STAN - The Spirit of Geometry
Andrei SIMUŢ- O telenovelă socialistă (A Socialist Soap Opera)
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