sâmbătă, 20 decembrie 2014

New book: Sanda Borșa, Between Propaganda and Repression: The Collectivization of the Romanian Agriculture and the Metamorphoses of the Rural World (1949-1962)

At Mega Publishing House from Cluj-Napoca was print a new book about collectivization of the Romanian agriculture.
For those who are interested in this subject, I present the content of the book:

PA R T I. Repression
Chapter 1. The collectivization of agriculture in Romania and the institutional import from the USSR
Chapter 2. Enforcement and repression: the beginnings of the collectivization of agriculture in Romania (1949-1952)
Chapter 3. On the path of the Socialist transformation of agriculture (1953-1958)
Chapter 4. The final repressive stage of the collectivization of agriculture in Romania (1959-1962)

PA R T II. Propaganda
Chapter 5. The oral and written propaganda
Chapter 6. The visual and audio-visual propaganda

List of abbreviations
More details about book here.

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