duminică, 8 martie 2015

New book: Claudia-Florentina Dobre, A Country Behind Barbed Wire. A Brief History of Communist Repression in Romania

„This book was born out of necessity. The necessity to bring to the world’s knowledge a repressive regime which turned terror, fear, lying, informing and duplicity into a system of governance. True, this system existed in other countries, as well! Romania, however, had its particularities: the intensity and the forms the terror took in the beginning of the regime, as well as the upheaval it caused in the society. Later on: the nationalization of Communism in the ’70s and ’80s, which added the symbols of the Fascist-leaning right from interwar period to the egalitarian Marxist rhetoric, and which replaced persecution with an Orwellian atmosphere.

This book gives an account of the scale of this repression, of its steps and its consequences. Without delving into details, it outlines the picture of an overwhelmed, terrorized, de-structured Romania whose consequences we see to this day, 25 years after the fall of Communism.
We cannot understand today’s Romania without knowing its Communist past and questioning the memory of said regime. How do Romanians remember Communism? – that is the ultimate question of this book. Without aiming to offer a definitive answer, it pleads for a plurality of memories, for the remembrance of the victims of Communism, as well as of the negative consequences of any repressive regime.”

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