sâmbătă, 21 martie 2015

New book: Sergiu Musteață (ed.), Two Decades of Development in Post-Soviet States

„The papers are focused on analyzing the course of the last 20 years of post-soviet countries' independence, highlighting the main features of the transition they passed through, the successes and failures that were recorded and the learned lessons. Foreign experts and specialists in different academic fields, including history, political sciences, sociology, communication, psychology, but also decision and policy-makers, NGO/think tank representatives, opinion leaders, analysts, journalists, and practitioners from Ukraine, Russia, Baltic states, Caucasus, Central Asia, EU member countries have been invited to contribute to discussions.
We hope that the publication of these articles, largely disseminated, will inform all interested people and the entire society about the recent history and the current situation of the post-Soviet states and space. It is expected that the book will have a direct impact on the academic, professional and civil societies from Moldova and other post-Soviet states.”
From Summary:

- Twenty Years on: Lessons Learned and Unlearned
- Post-Soviet Foreign Policies and Regional Security Configuration
- Soviet Legacy and The Impact of The Totalitarian Consequences on Post-Soviet Societies
- Civil Society Development in Post-Soviet Space: Obstacles and Opportunities
Information from Institutul European website.

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