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New book: Andrada Fatu-Tutoveanu, Personal Narratives of Romanian Women During the Cold War (1945-1989): Varieties of the Autobiographical Genre

"The volume focuses on a series of case studies which cover a wide range of experiences and ages. Thus, it aims to provide the reader with a relevant image of the writing of these female intellectuals and the paradox Romanian women occupied during the Cold War period. The cases discussed are relevant both for their diverse narrative formulas and for their content, including their historical meanings as well as their multidisciplinary appeal."
Table of Contents
Foreword by Slávka Tomaščíková
Acknowledgments Introduction
The “Autobiographical Genre” and the Romanian Cold War Memoirs
Chapter One:
-“Gender and Genre”: Women’s Diaries and Memoirs
-“A Room of Her Own”: Memoirs and Gender
-Shaping Communist Female Writers, Politics, Culture and Identity Construction
-Women under Siege: Survival Stories, Gendered Chronicles
Chapter Two:
-“The Lives of Others”.
-Post- Communist Publication and Reception of Female Writers Diaries and Memoirs
-Searching for Authenticity
-Survival Stories, Memory Ma
-Understanding the Untold
Chapter Three:
-Personal Narrative Encountering History: Interpreting Events, Reconstructing (Her) stories in Annie Bentoiu’s Memoirs
-“A Cultivated Memory”
-“Unhealthy Origins”
-“Who Makes History?” History and Herstory
-“In Search of Lost Time”
Chapter Four:
-“Bourgeois Elites” and Communism: Alice Voinescu
-Prisons and Isolation: The “Reservations” of Bourgeois Elites
-“Waiting for the Judgement Day”
Chapter Five:
The Regime and its “Engaged Writers”: Nina Cassian
-The “Engaged Writers”: Privileges and Control
-“In the past I wrote on the wall/ stoutly, the party slogan”
-Multilayered Experiences: The “Diary of a Diary”
Chapter Six:
A New Generation of Communist Female Writers: The 1960s: Constanta Buzea
-Gender Ideology versus Social Practice
-Unveiling the “Top of the Iceberg”
-The Diary of a Failed Emancipation?
-Personal Narratives and Tabloidisation
Chapter Seven:
Collective Memoirs: Female Fellow Travellers: Female Experience under Communism
-The 1980s: “The Long Journey of Communism towards the End”
-Feminine Flashbacks: Adolescents, Women and Mothers in the Golden Age
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