luni, 2 ianuarie 2017

New book: Sorin Radu, Cosmin Budeancă (eds.), Countryside and Communism in Eastern Europe. Perceptions, Attitudes, Propaganda

„The book offers a comparative perspective regarding the communist transformation of the countryside within «Soviet Bloc» countries, mainly focusing on organization and political practices within the rural areas, land reforms and collectivization of agriculture, social change and rural mentality, political instruments of the communist regimes for transforming the village: between coercion and resistance; communist propaganda and agitation in the rural world; cultural propaganda and representations of the countryside in the official discourse in the «Eastern Bloc».
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The content of the book:

New book: Valentina Glajar, Alison Lewis, Corina L. Petrescu (eds), Secret Police Files from the Eastern Bloc. Between Surveillance and Life Writing

“New essays exploring the tension between the versions of the past in secret police files and the subjects' own personal memories-and creative workings-through-of events.
The communist secret police services of Central and Eastern Europe kept detailed records not only of their victims but also of the vast networks of informants and collaborators upon whom their totalitarian systems depended.