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Call for Papers: „Revista Arhivelor. Archives Review”, Issue # 2/2010

The editorial board of “Revista Arhivelor. Archives Review” is preparing issue # 2/2010.
Those interested in publishing in this new issue are kindly asked to send their articles/
studies/reviews/presentations no later than January 1, 2013 to one of the following e-mail addresses: or, or
This issue would be published entirely in foreign languages, therefore we ask the authors to submit their materials in one of the following languages: English or French or German.
“Revista Arhivelor. Archives Review” contains the following headings:
- “Archive Studies” (archival theory and practice);
- “Studies of History” (including paleography, diplomacy, museography, sigillography, heraldry, numismatics, miniature, and other special sciences related to history; the history studies focus on the records/documents use);
- “Restitutio” (the editing of unpublished documents);
- “Reviews, Bibliographical Notes”;
- “Addenda et corrigenda” (comprising scientific debates on articles and works in the field of history and archives);
- “Archival Studies in the World” (including presentations of various conferences, meetings, seminaries, manifestations, symposia, and so on).
The editorial conditions for publishing in the Revista Arhivelor. Archives Review are as follows:

    a) Similar conditions for articles and reviews:
- the main text must be written in Word format;
- the texts must enclose footnotes, not endnotes.
b) Specific conditions for articles and studies and for “Restitutio” heading:
- potential complementary materials (photos) in JPG format;
- the article should not exceed 7,000 words, if possible, i.e. 40,000 signs (without spaces) [= 20 pages in A4 format];
- the letter size: 11 for main text, 9 for footnotes
c) Specific conditions for reviews, “Addenda et Corrigenda” and “Archival Studies in the World” headings:
- the texts should not exceed 2,000 words, i.e. 11,000 signs (without spaces) [= 6 pages in A4 format];
- the letter size: 10 for main text, 9 for footnotes.
Also, we kindly ask the authors to send a short presentation containing:
- full name;
- affiliation;
- research scope;
- at most 5 books and/or articles recently published.
The responsibility over the content of the materials is exclusively reserved to the authors.
For our previous issues, you may take a look at: [# 2/2009] [# 1/2009] [# 2/2008] [# 1/2008] [# 3-4/2007]

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